A patent PCT/EP2022/062954 application “Methods for receiving, processing and AR displaying 3D objects in real-time cooperative driving conditions for situational awareness”

Information-centric technologies have started to play a central role in the recent automotive industry boosting new research trends in semi or fully automated driving systems. Autonomous vehicles, ranging from level 3 to level 5 of autonomy, are expected to safely operate in real-life road conditions. Nevertheless, in the real world, where the number of vehicles and other road users continuously increases, the challenges and dangers in a mixed traffic environment are also increasing. To overcome these challenges, the automotive industry has set as a primary objective to find new ways to reduce accidents and their severity. One factor that may play a crucial role, in that direction, is to highlight the information related to the occluded objects and the road obstacles that exist in the scene but they are not visible to all drivers and as a result, they may cause accidents. For this reason, the detection, identification, and early visualization of these objects are imperative for the safety of the drivers helping them to know, in an earlier temporal stage, what will be presented next, making them be aware and better prepared for a future event.