AViSense.AI Innovative AI Solutions for Autonomy, Visualization and Interactive Sensing


AViSense is a Spin-off originating from the Multimedia Information Processing Systems (MIPS) Group of the Industrial System Institute of the ATHENA RC and the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (VVR) of the University of Patras.


Transform contemporary vehicles from a lifeless machine to an omniscient and trustworthy partner


To become the leading company providing Autonomous Vehicles solutions that anyone can understand, trust and use


Enhancing cooperative perception and awareness in connected and autonomous vehicles to improve the quality of users’ lives

Who are we? What do we do?

We’re transforming how vehicles communicate with drivers, introducing advanced perception and interaction technologies that elevate awareness through Extended Reality (XR).
Our framework establishes collaborative, efficient, and AI-empowered intelligence within dynamic groups of connected and automated vehicles emphasizing efficiency in both data and energy consumption.
We employ cooperative, active, transfer, and federated learning paradigms and the utilization of explainability, model compression, and acceleration techniques ensure the optimal performance on diverse learning methods and AI transparency to ensure our systems operate at their best.

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Research & Development

Analysis, understanding, scene prediction and control of the vehicle, UAV or semi-autonomous robotic systems used in precision agriculture, in order to eliminate risks

Short-term products and services

  • Object tracking and scene prediction
  • Object detection to avoid collision
  • Localization and mapping
  • Sensor fusion and multimodal scene analysis

Mid-term products and services

  • Augmented reality interfaces to improve reaction time
  • Path planning for a group of autonomous and semi-autonomous agents

Long-term products and services

  • Valet parking
  • AI enabled traffic monitoring solutions


Avisense, a pioneering company in the field of autonomous driving technologies, has developed and now offers three innovative products designed to meet the evolving needs of this dynamic industry.
These products include the AViSense XR System of XAI content, which enhances drivers’ situational awareness and decision-making capabilities through advanced XR rendering and data fusion technologies, the AViSense Data Enhancement Kit, aimed at elevating the performance of low-cost visual and LiDAR sensors to match that of higher-end equipment, and the AViSense Hyper-Sensing Kit, which focuses on delivering accurate and trustworthy perception, localization, and mapping solutions, by processing real-time data from the sensors of various connected vehicles, including cameras, RADARs, LiDARs, GNSS, and IMUs.

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